5 reasons to eat healthy

After doing research and trying things out myself, here are more top 10 reasons as to why we shout eat healthily.

1) Fitting into the clothes you love most.
Being overweight or underweight limits you to the clothes you want to wear, being a healthy weight gives you a better figure to fit into clothes, rather than having them too tight, or hanging off you. In my past I was very underweight and I am much happier now I’m at a healthy weight because I can find things that actually fit me!

2) Feeling more energised and mood improvement.
Eating healthier foods, that doesn’t just mean fruit and veg, but foods that balance out your diet will improve your mood. Again, I’ve suffered with depression and eating issues, now I have tackled them and my body is getting the food it needs, I feel much happier and more alive for the day. Another thing I learnt was to eat breakfast everyday, no matter whether I was in a rush or I had woken up late, having a bowl full of cereal or even a piece of toast will start getting your body in gear ready for your day.

3) Prevent illness.
When your body isn’t getting the right food, it will be a lot harder to fight off any viruses entering the body. You need a healthy balance, and just like the common saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ if you don’t like boring old apples and banana, mix it up a bit and try something more exotic, like pineapples or mangos!

4) Faster metabolism
If you don’t have a healthy diet, or exercise often, your metabolism may be slow, this will make it harder to lose weight as you won’t be breaking down food very fast. Keeping healthy will help to speed up your metabolism, break down your food quicker and help keep a healthy weight.

5) Motivation
The healthier you are and the more you do to keep fit, will help keep your body active, helping to keep you motivated and focused. Even an hour a day of exercise will help keep you fit.


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