All of your questions from instagram!

@Edenmay99 : What’s your favourite make-up product you use?
My bronzing pearls from Avon, they don’t make you look orange and are subtle on the skin. They also last ages and you don’t need to use too much.

@theperks0fbeinglucy : What’s your skin care routine?
I use a lot of Lush Products, Ocean Salt to exfoliate, Aqua Marina to cleanse and Dream Cream to moisturise.

@ubs_ : What’s your natural hair colour?
It’s mousey brown.. I think haha

@sexysusi : What is your ideal job?
It’s my dream to be a model, but I’m currently focused on hair and beauty.

@fliccaboo : If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Tough question, but probably somewhere in Asia because their culture is so different.

@_daisy_dinosoar_ : What’s your hair routine?
It depends really, after I have washed it I use Moroccan Oil and then depending on what I’m feeling ill straighten or curl it. Nothing special.

@chandi_bradingx : Do you have any siblings?
Yes! 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

@hellokittylover2003 : How are you so pretty?
Everyone’s comments like this are the sweetest! Thank you.

@lovelysarahh_ : How do you get your hair so perfect? Do you ever have bad hair days?
I look after my hair, but I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, thank you though. I get bad hair days a lot, especially when one bit won’t go straight no matter what you do!

Thank you for all your questions 🙂


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