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Lush Soaps

Recently I decided to do some reviews on some of the soaps from Lush. Previously I never really bought their soaps as I would just use shower gels etc instead, but after trying some samples I have no bought a few and they are amazing. I definitely believe there is a soap for everyone! So this is part 1 of my soap reviews.

To begin with, here’s my new favourite:
Sea Vegetable, as you all know I love anything to do with the ocean. This soap has a beautiful smells which leaves you feeling fresh and is very relaxing. Blue is my calming colour so I also love that it has that feel. The soap itself contains seaweed which is great for the skin and helps get rid of all the dead cells.
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Secondly I tried Honey, I washed the kids.
I would recommend this to those who have a sweet taste, I can’t deny I didn’t feel the temptation to eat it. So the obvious main ingredient is honey, this is a mild anti-oxidant for the skin and promotes re-growth. Another ingredient used is coconut oil, which is great as it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and a great moisturiser.
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Godmother is another perfect product.
For those of you who love candy, or have tried the shower gel ‘Snow Fairy’ this is defiantly a soap for you as they share the same fragrance. I absolutely love it, it’s a great smells to get you ready and awake for the day and will get people asking what fragrance you’re wearing.
The soap contains coconut oil so keeps you moisturised, I also find it great for sensitive skin and its something different.
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